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You pay nothing upfront for the renovations. The selling price of your home covers them. Plus, you'll get your guaranteed offer no matter what — and you'll receive any additional profit from the value added by our renovations.

3 pitfalls all homeowners should avoid

Selling your home can feel overwhelming and emotional. Unfortunately, many deceptive agents and investors take advantage of homeowners in this vulnerable stage.

There are three pitfalls many homeowners fall into that will strip your home of its value, short-selling your most valuable investment. Renovation Real Estate will help you avoid them by selling your home for top dollar.

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Success stories

Judge Dobbin Court

Our client’s additional profit:

Number of days on the market:

Renovation timeframe:
66 days

Escalon Avenue

Our client’s additional profit:

Number of days on the market:

Renovation timeframe:
37 days

Carroll Street

Our client’s additional profit:

Number of days on the market:

Renovation timeframe:
45 days

Sexton Street

Our client’s additional profit:

Number of days on the market:

Renovation timeframe:
30 days

Renovation Real Estate helped my wife and I sell when we otherwise couldn't have. … We didn't even have a down payment for a new house so we were dependent on making a profit from the sale. … Upon signing Renovation Real Estate coordinated every detail. … We didn't have to come out of pocket for anything. … Shaun delivered exactly what was promised and worked with integrity throughout the process.
by Mark W.
Working with Renovation Remodeling was a great experience. Shaun was a great help through the whole process. He dealt with any problems that arose and stayed in contact with me the entire time. My home turned out beautifully, even better than I had hoped. I would recommend Renovation Remodeling to everybody.
by Peggy P.
Renovation Real Estate performed excellent work repairing my basement after a flood. ... The quote was under my budget and the final invoice was exactly what was quoted. The work is high quality. … They even fixed up some small bits of drywall damage that were close by but not actually quoted in the job! … I will definitely recommend them to anyone needing renovations.
by Samuel M.

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